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best friend. >> hamburger girl? goodness. oh, my god. you do this all the time >> i need to take this off and get down to your level. >> i'm glad. [all talking at once] the whole point is you do your stuff. you are a cheater. [all talking at once] you fail all that because you break up with me everyday. nobody if you would stay sober. right? why wouldn't you act that way? you act like -- this is what i'm saying. you've been doing it. it don't make sense >> i don't got time for this i
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will literally bash him with ma my shoe but i'm not going to sit here and look stupid. go ahead. bring me backup. >> kirk: come on. we're just going to get to the truth. no violence on this show. no violence. >> i am the biggest liar in america. thank you. i am a liar. i am a liar but you are still tapping it. >> you live with me. you live with me. why wouldn't i? >> kirk: let me takeover here. welcome to the show. listen. listen. first of all, i will say this: you do look like a lovely couple. >> this is deceiving. if we did not have a fight everyday... hickeys on you are a woman, brother what is it?
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>> we discussed that and i shouldn't be out there. we know what we wept through. >> kirk: was he cheating on you? >> i find text messages and you don't come home until the next morning >> kirk: i have to be able to speak. or no one will know anything. we are here to get results. you think she is cheating >> i know. >> kirk: we'll find out if you are right or wrong. tell me quickly about the condoms >> he came in at 4:00 in the morning. i cannot sleep i'm used to somebody holding me. and sweating and stuffnd like you know what? it's 2:00 and is 3:30 and 4. and he come in and is loaded. oh, you messed up. let me go through the pockets. and i find condoms and his phone and text messages not just from one. we don't use condoms. we have been together for six years and we don't use it.
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it's like where are the condoms coming from? >> she needed to see tm. >> kirk: she was right then >> i bought the condoms so she could see them and leave. >> if you have them on the side of the door >> i have asked her to leave and she did not leave. we got into a fight >> you want me to leave? do you want me to leave? do you want me to leave? >> kirk: do you love her >> i do love this beautiful woman. i don't -- >> kirk: why are you trying to push her away >> i say she be lying to me. no. no. no. no. no. no. she is lying. so you understand what i'm saying is she bres up with me every week. listen closely. she break up with me every week, every other day. probably 52 times a year we broke up. >> that is true.
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i agree. >> with that being said, six years -- >> kirk: six years do you want to get married and raise a family with this lovely beautiful girl >> i thought we already crossed that point. since i seen those hickeys, it's very hard for me to act like i did not see that, brother. >> kirk: listen at some point we have to you had what anybody is talking about >> you probably don't understand. i'm sorry if you don't understand >> kirk: i'm saying if you are both talking at the same time >> that is the issue. the communication. that's all. >> kirk: that is the issue? you would like her to be the one possibly forever? >> what i said i thought she would have been the one. >> so if i'm not the one what am i doing here? i can get to walking. ain't see nothing because i don't -- i don't even think are you worth my value >> what am i supposed to do with a person. baby she do come on honey we go
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here then and then you want to be mad when i go out. and you tell me i'm worth nothing. it's not about being secure it's you say you don't want to be with them. so don't be mad. you said it to the crowd. you don't tell a man that you don't want to be with him and think he is going to stay around. >> her cousin says that keith is a worthless cheater and wishes her cousin left him years ago. let's meet her. [applause] >> oh, my god. hamburger. [all talking at once] >> cheater! >> cheater? who have you seen me with? >> you are the cheater. you are a lying jerk. [all talking at once]
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>> what did you do? goodness are you serious? you listen to your lying cousin and you listen to everything. hey, understand that you can say whatever you want to say expect you don't have nobody yourself. >> i do got a man. i do got a man. >> kirk: all right. [all talking at once] [applause] >> who cares. >> kirk: let's try and hear words. what is your problem with keith? >> my problem with keith -- >> kirk: in a minute you can tell me your problem with everybody in the world. what don't you like about this gentleman >> first of all, he is an abuser. shut up. nobody doesn't like you. the whole family doesn't like you. her mother doesn't like you. shut up. shut up.
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can you shut up. [all talking at once] i love my cousin first of all. and you are about to sit up her and disrespecting her. you are disrespectful, a contribution her and downgrade her. you left her on the freeway. you left her on the freeway. >> that's why -- yeah, i left her on the freeway. we drank like this. here you want to know why? because she -- [inaudible] knock it off. >> you sit up here like you are the good guy. knock it off. knock it off. don't go there. you want to get clocked. >> kirk: do you think that he destroyed her? >> he has broken her down she is not the same person she was. we were so close. we can't hangout anymore. she can't go out with her family without blowing up everybody's phone.
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i would lie to you, too. he is a stalker. >> simple at that what i'm not happy about is a lie. no way around that. >> kirk: we are going to find out today. she might not be lying and you might be lying >> i seen her and her friend in vegas and she sat there -- >> i told you. when you asked me where i was at. i told you. i'm going to vegas. >> he was at the strip is so big and full of people. how would you know where i was at, liar? >> that is what i'm saying. i didn't let you see me. >> kirk: were you in vegas? >> yeah, i was. >> kirk: what were you doing in vegas >> we went on a trip i was so stressed out. i called him. >> she calls him all day she has to check in. >> kirk: and you did not know he was in vegas? you were in vegas also
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>> i went >> kirk: and you didn't tell her you were going? >> no. >> kirk: when we come back we will hear from keith's mother. not only has she lied about being faithful about also lied about being pregnant. next on "the test"... >> you lie, lie, you lie. all i want to know is are you -- >> i'm not in your personal space. >> kirk: and later... >> you took my camera and you ain't no diva. what you think you poke honest tass?
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do you believe a family member stole something valuable from you? do you have several suspects and you need to get to the truth? call...
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[applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". before the break we were in the middle of sorting through keith and dormisha's relationship. now it's time to add one more. keith's mothe is convinced that his girlfriend lied abouteing pregnant to keep her son arod. welcome la doris to the show. [applause] hey >> hi. >> nesha, you lie, you lie, you lie. all i want to know is are you pregnant? >> first of all get out of my face. and secondly -- >> i'm not in anybody's face.
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>> whatever your son tell you i don't care >> i am not in your personal space we got space. quit lying about being pregnant. quit lying about being pregnant. no, you down right -- [all talking at once] >> how do you know if i'm lying? >> maybe i don't want kids by him, how about that >> say that, then. do nothing but get in-your-face. home girl don't disrespect me. [all talking at once] >> kirk: stick around. stick around. have a seat. please. hang in there. [all talking at once] >> kirk: la doris what do you think of the relationship? >> they are toxic they need to leave each other alone. that is what they need to do >> and we're doing it.
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easy. easy. >> where is your man? >> why does your son and -- >> because you don't know what you want as woman to woman are you not fair. you going by verbally from what he is saying. and don't get in my face and tell me what i need to do. >> i did. i did. >> kirk: la doris -- let me -- [all talking at once] >> kirk: you cannot keep going. come here. we came here for the truth. don't you want the truth?
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are you going to run from it forever? if you are running that is an admission of guilt. let's get it all straightened out today. where are you going to go? come on back. dormisha. all right. i'm going to try and get her and when we come back hopefully she will be with me. we will be right back. [applause] [♪] coming up next... >> kiss my black... do you understand that >> i understand what you are saying. i do understand. i totally understand. >> girl i'm about to take off my
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coming up tomorrow, the love between a grandma and a granddaughter. >> do you want to hit me? i'll knock you in another world. >> where did she learn to talk to her grandma like this? >> why don't your daughters come around you? >> she must have got it from her mama. >> don't you ever, ever, ever... >> that is tomorrow on "the test." [applause]
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>> kirk: thank you for coming back. we are going to get to the bottom of all this. you cannot do it unless -- >> i'm supposeto be ugly. that is cool. i want you to think i am especially. >> i don't really give a... >> kirk: we're back. >> kirk: welcome back. before the break dormisha needed to get fresh air and she went out there and because of my long legs i w able to catch her. all right. la doris do you think that she faked a pregnancy? >> yes. >> kirk: so keep your son around? >> yes, yes, i do. >> kirk: what would make you think that? >> because she has been pregnant several times that they have told me. and i see nothing. so this is what they are -- >> kirk:o you don't know for sure. are you not -- >> exactly i don't know for sure. but you know, but when a person
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tells you they are pregnant >> kirk: we lie detectorred that >> and is it his? was she pregnant by him >> i understand what you are saying i understandment i totally understand >> girl i'm about to take off my shoe. don't disrespect me like that. don't be disrespectful it will happen. it will happen. >> really, girl? you know what? what you say? >> kiss my black... of is what you need to do. do you want me to pull my pants down. >> and you are supposed to be a mother >> you are right i am a mother of three. love all my kids. and will protect them. and don't talk... i am a mother... [all talking at once] >> kirk: you stated your piece
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now sit back and put on the pretty smile >> i will try. >> kirk: let's find out the results of keith's lie detector test. >> let's find out mine first >> kirk: and the test was smooth and relaxed and professional. while in a relationship with dormisha have you ever had sexual intercourse with anyone else? you have been telling dormisha that you had not had sexual intercourse with anybody else during the course of your relationship. but you lied. so you confessed something to our polygraph administrator >> i told the truth about everything >> kirk: tell her what you told a complete stranger >> what i told the stranger was the same thing i have been telling the audience. what am i supposed to believe when a person is telling you it's over. when you tell me it's done that is what i believe. so what i do from that point it don't matter pertain together
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relationship because there is no relationship because you told me it was done >> kirk: so the four women that you confessed to during the break >> you said unprotected sex and that ain't what i said >> kirk: then we tested you on the confession. have you had sexual intercourse with more than four women while on a break from dormisha? you then confessed to our polygraph administrator that you don't remember exactly how many women you had sexual intercourse with while on a break. are you having sex so much you don't remember >> it could be so little. >> and i have sex with you with no protection. >> kirk: and then he asked you a final questio besides the times you were on a break with dormisha, have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else? this is besides the times you
9:23 am
are on a break. your answer was? you have been talking all day and now you cannot speak? >> right there. i said no. >> kirk: you said no. >> yes, >> kirk: ok. you failed that. >> the only reason i would fail is because i don't know. >> kirk: the only reason you fail second because you had sex with multiple when were you not on a break. that was the question. besides the times you were on a break with dormisha, have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else? and you said no. because you are claiming that it's only when you are on a break. but you failed. which means that you are a liar and you have been having sex this whole time >> and you want to get in my face that i am a cheater. >> kirk: when we come back it's dormisha's turn in the hotseat.
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[applause] [♪] coming up next... our lie detector administrator asked dormisha the following questions: your answer? >> is no. >> kirk: the result... some players retire from the game and get soft. i get supple. [ male announcer ] new gold bond men's lotion. skin strengthening proteins, plus 7 moisturizers. man up.
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this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken t pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up.
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some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant does your child have more than two potential fathers? are you desperate to geto the truth with dna? call... >> kirk: earlier on "the test"... >> you think that she faked some
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pregnancies? >> yes. >> kirk: to keep your son around? >> yes, >> kirk: you don't know that for sure. we lie detectorred that. >> have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else? you failed means are you a liar and you have been having sex this whole time. how do you feel about this? >> i feel hurt more than anything. i will tell you why i feel hurt. because i have been there and he has been there for me. but i gave too much a little bit too much of my all to the point where it broke me down and i have to turn to this substance or this substance to feel like damn maybe it is my fault. but it is what it is and i'm glad it came out. >> kirk: the truth is doesn't matter whose fault it was the point is you got the information. the test gave you the truth. and now it's what you do with that truth which dictates -- >> i want the best for you. >> kirk: and let's move on to you.
9:29 am
>> ok. >> kirk: and the lie detector was smooth and of the was ok? >> i guess so. >> kirk: all right. and if you find out she has been faithful, you will probably feel worse? >> it's already done. >> kirk: i mean you've heard everything all day and you cannot hear much >> i'm waiting to hear the results. kirk: our lie detector administrator asked dormisha the following questions. here is the first one. too nice in here sometimes, s quiet. [laughter] since being in a relationship with keith, have you ever had sexual intercourse with any other men? your answer? >> i'm listening. >> kirk: your answer? >> no.
9:30 am
>> kirk: the result... there were counter measures. deliberate acts by the subject to disrupt the polygraph chart >> he asked me that question multiple times >> kirk: kathy is here to explain counter measures. kathy? >> hello there. [applause] thank you. >> what happened during the test? >> from the very beginning she was very abraysive, had an attitude and did not want to follow instructions. she tried to manipulate the test by intentionally doing things to alter the results >> kirk: like doing what? what would be an intensional counter measure >> holding her breath 10-13 seconds and would not answer correctly when she was told to answer "yes" or "no" >> kirk: she would not answer "yes" or "no"?
9:31 am
>> correct. she moved around did not follow instructions. >> that is because you told me "yes" or "no" without saying "yes" or "no" you said "yes" or "no" so i cannot believe you will say that i was not being cooperative >> you weren't. >> kirk: you would like to put a polygraph administrator on a polygraph? >> ok. whatever. >> kirk: kathy you are saying she intentionally tried -- >> she came in and tried to cheat the test so she would not be discovered that she was lying >> i thought you have to know. how did i intentionally >> a person doesn't come in and not follow basic instructions. every question was reviewed prior to the test and she agreed to every question. yet during the test she did not want to answer them >> i answered the... questionsow you wanted me to answer and now you will say that i did not answer the questions? >> kirk: dormisha. >> she is not going to sit there and tell medy not follow the
9:32 am
directions when she asked me -- >> kirk: if she says you did not follow the directions you did not follow the direcon she is not here to make it up. >> don't go there with her. you know what? >> you want results right? >> i wanted results as soon as she came in i introduced myself to her, the exact thing she said to me right off the bat was i have documents here to prove that i'm telling the truth. no matter what this machine says, i have documentation that i'm telling the truth. so i asked her what documentation would you bring with you? and she then went off on a different tangent and would not answer. i said be honest and you will pass the test >> kirk: there is another lh
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>> kirk: so there is another question here >> ok. >> kirk: since bei in a relationship with keith, have you ever lied about being pregnant? >> no, i have not lied about being pregnant. >> kirk: ok. there were counter measures on
9:37 am
that as well. deliberate acts by subject to disrupt polygraph chart on that as well >> yes. she did not want to answer the question. she did not want her results. she would answer the question and wait five seconds she would move and clear h throat every other second clearing her throat. she may take a deep breath >> you are ful of it, too >> kirk: dormisha i will tell you one thing from my point of view. you have been squirrely all day. you have not cooperated with me once. [applause] not once. the bottom line is he is cheating on you. >> leave him and be done >> i will. i am. >> kirk: and it's clear this relationship is toxic. this is i mean -- i'm surprised we got this far. [laughter] i mean, is it done? >> it's officially done.
9:38 am
i'm good. >> kirk: are you done? >> she just said it >> kirk: but can you see? >> i'm done. i'm done >> kirk: what do you think of her counter measures? does that make sense to you? >> come on bro, it is what i said it is from the get go >> it is from this point on. you can do what you want to do you can be happy with your life and your girl and your mama >> i'm cool with that. >> y'all don't mesh well so you drive each other crazy >> you don't know nothing. me and her is cool in the -- the fact is the fact is, the fact is she does things and i do things that might trigger one another's personality. so where we don't like what the other person is doing. yeah, i do love her. >> kirk: let me tell you the
9:39 am
facts. here are the facts. if you are in a relationship where you are break up every other day and if you are out there sleeping with other women when are you broken up and not broken up, whatever you are up to out there, counter measures whatever, even if you do not believe you did anything -- dormisha, there's counter measures in this relationship. there's counter measures outside. there's counter measures at home. i've spent an hour with you today. and i will say that you're oil and water. some people just should not be together. i mean i don't know much about love but i do know when it's not working. and you both deserve to be happy. we all do. i mean six years you gave it a good run. [applause] you gave it a good run >> chalk it up in the journal. lesson learned. >> kirk: right. and maybe your mom will find someone she likes.
9:40 am
we will be right back. [applause] [♪] >> kirk: coming up next... there was nude photos on the camera >> dy not lose my camera. she has my camera. >> the camera d save them. woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes.
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this november on "the test"... >> what you want to know is when
9:43 am
is the next woman comin in. >> when you want to know the truth. >> kirk: anything i need to know about? >> i need to know about the life insurance >> i don't know she is out of control >> you know what? >> i know you my baby daddy >> kirk: we all want to know the truth >> i know the trust rults will be in my favor >> you know you are the father of my daughter. >> i didn't know nothing about it. >> do you know they planned that pregnancy? >> who knows it might not be mine >> i know she is. >> i don't know this. >> you said no. be in the know on "the test." >> i know where you at. >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". up next, who took candace's camera? she is pointing fingers at her friend chrsy and it is not a pretty picture considering the camera contained nude photos of
9:44 am
candace. welcome candace to the show. hi. [applause] all right. ll me about this camera. what happened? >> we are all chilling at the house me and her and my daughter my camera was on the vanity mirror and the next day i go to find the camera and the camera is not there. so i called her and i'm like hey did you take my camera or did you see my camera you were the only one here yesterday. she becomes super defensive. i mean off the top. when i'm not coming at you like did you steal my camera >> kirk: did you know her as a thief? >> i've seen her this bracelet that i'm wearing. >> kirk: did you steal that from her? noivment >> kirk: are you upset because there were nude photos on the camera? >> yes, there were nude photos of me. you know how girls are >> kirk: i know how girls are.
9:45 am
i don't >> for real, kirk, she has taken some of the pictures that i might have taken on my camera and we might be messing around with my shorts >> kirk: and are you afraid if the pictures get out you will be attacked >> for her to have stolen the camera you are against me. and my memory card -- shut up. anyways i will -- you can keep the camera. >> kirk: candace your former friend chrissy has been watching backstage >> you know you took my camera. you lying. you ain't no diva. you took my camera. yes, you did you -- you tiny ho you took my camera. you are a liar. it don't matter. what do you think you pock hand tass? he -- pocohantas? >> kirk: did you steal that camera? >> no >> kirk: why does she think you stole the camera?
9:46 am
>> she loses erythg. number one. >> kirk: but you think she lost that camera? >> now your camera is gone >> d not lose my camera. she has my camera and i know the lie detector test is going to prove it. you told me -- >> the camera don't have a flash. >> how do you know that if you did not take it? how do you know that? shut up. shut up. how do you know which camera i'm talking about. why do you know detailed information about my camera. >> you only have one camera >> you guys go out during the day? >> we all go out. you know what? she is lying. do i look like a [inaudible] i don't need a flash because i am the flash. i brighten your horizon. >> kirk: when you are friends your friendship seems to be a
9:47 am
little -- >> no, i hope she d not steal the camera. she might be right. i need to know today if you stole the camera security better lineup. [inaudible] >> kirk: christy's brother is not happy about candace accusing his sister. come on out, darren. >> who are you? i don't roll with you. i don't roll with you like that. >> look at this. who was it? >> i took the picture, right? [iudible] [all talking at once] >> you are irrelevant. you all don't have no house. you all come to my house and you ain't never been to my house. you don't know my area. you live in trash. you live in trash. [inaudible]
9:48 am
[all talking at once] >> kirk: hang on a second. darren do you think your sister stole the camera? >> absolutely not. >> kirk: why would she steal your camera? >> that is what i want to know >> that is what i want to know. >> kirk: chrissy, did you steal candace's camera? >> hell, yes. >> kirk: this iser answer. your answer? >> no. >> kirk: she passed. all right. another person. another question. >> i'm sorry. i am sorry, chrissy. >> kirk: another question. do you know who stole candace's camera? do you know who stole candace's camera? >> no. no. >> kirk: she passed that as well
9:49 am
>> ok. [applause] >> you still need to go. >> kirk: give her a hug. >> like i said... >> that is my... right there and i'm sorry. ahhhhhh >> kirk: we'll be right back. next... >>re you best pals
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
[applause] >> kirk: all right. candace and chrissy and darren are you guys best pals again? >> we are cool. are we cool? >> kirk: you are cute together >> are you going to leave me hanging >> five years our friendship i would not steal your camera >> and i apologize >> kirk: you got to have trust >> the united states of america.
9:53 am
ok. for accusing christie of stealing my camera >> kk: and thank you to the "the test" for making everything perfect >> thank you to the "the test". [laughter] >> kirk: check out what is happening next time on "the test" >> coming up tomorrow... thove between a grandma and a grand daughter. where did she learn to talk to her grandma like this >> why ain't the grandkids come around you? >> she must have got it from her mama >> don't you ever, ever... tha is tomorrow on "the test." >> kirk: if you have somebody in your life that you want to put to the test go to we'll see you next time. thanks for watching. [applause] [cheering]
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. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today, isha sesay, mike jerrick, ali wentworth dish about today's hottest topics. plus, jene luciani shares the hottest halloween costumes and the juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy!
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[ cheers and applause ]. >> wendy: yeah! ♪ >> wendy: yeah! thank you for being here, my co-st studio audience. thank you for watching at home. or wherever you are. tgi friday day! [ cheers and applause ]. >> wendy: jill zarin, i don't believe a wo about what you say but we're going to talk about it on "hot topics." and tori spelling, your money problems. okay. it's like rich people problems, you know, but we're going to break that down, also. and kelly rowlands, should she
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or should she not get in touch with her father? because he wants a family reunion. let's talk about it in "hot tocs. " [ cheers and applause ]. >> wendy: so, i have something really exciting that i want to share with you. starting monday, we're kicking off our thanksgiving with wendy watch & win sweepstakes. you know i love my food, so let's have our meal together. if you win, you and a friend will fly to new york city and we have i.p. tickets for the show, the studio audience, and plus we're going to go for the thanksgiving meal out at a restaurant, food and kitchen table talk, me and you.
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it's going to be big fun! [ cheers and applause ]. >> wendy: i know. so all you have to do is watch for the word of the day which will pop up at some pnt during the show and then log to my cebook page and "like" it. enter that day's word for your chance to win. remember, the more days you enter, the greater your chance to win. remember, this all srts on monday. [ cheers and applause ]. >> wendy: tori spelling who i adore, i like her mother and what not, she's opening up about her recent financial problems. torspoke to "people" magazine and she said that she and her husband dean right now are going through a little something that's forcing them to simplify their lives. well, simplify is relative. they sold their house and they are renting a smaller

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